Cornet Obolensky
Cornet Obolensky
2013-04-05 08:45:47
CSI*** Lummen Spring Tour 2
CSI*** Lummen Spring Tour 2
2013-04-21 19:37:38
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CSI*** Lummen Spring Tour 1

CSI*** Lummen Spring Tour 1

Some nice results during the 1st week of the international jumping Lummen for the offspring of Keros Stallions


5th 1m30 Fin Chin van ’t Goor (Chin Chin) 
2x 1st ex. 5y.o. Dominique (Chin Chin)
2 x 1st ex. / 2nd pl. 6y.o. Honoust Lady (Chin Chin)
1st / 2nd 1m40 Java Kvarnas (Cardento) 
2nd 1m30 Floxer Power (Cardento) 
9th 1m30 Bandesther (Cardento)
4th en 8th pl. 1m35 Cassano (Cardento)
1st 1m40 / 2nd 1m35 Tymoon van de Caloomeerchen (Skippy II)
5th / 7th pl. 1m30 Donnar (Canadian River)
15th 1m40 Ladento Star (Cardento)
And also:

CSI 5* Paris - Saut Hermès:

Nice Stephanie (Cardento) and Pénélope Leprevost won "Le Saut Hermès" (1m60), were 7th in "Prix du Grand Palais" (1m45) and were also 4th in the "Prix de la Ville de Paris" (1m50).
Cylana (Skippy II) was with Reed Kessler 2nd in the "Grand Prix Hermès" (1m60)

CSI 3* Toscana Tour:
10th 1m40 Escape (Chin Chin)
9th 1m50 Cornetto (Cardento)

CSI 3* Gorla Minore:
8th 1m35 Clipz (Cardento)

CSI 3* Riyadh:
11th 1m30 & 18th in GP 1m45 Mickey Blue Eyes (Canadian River)
9th in GP 1m50 en 12th 1m40 Uleika (Atlantic)

Egor (Canadian River): 5th & 13th in GP (1m30/1m35) in Neewiller
Vana van de Meerse (Canadian River): 8th in GP (1m35) in Dunkerque Afgand
Just Luck (Cardento): 1st at cyclus 4-y.o. in Meerdonk
Hercula B (a 6-y.o. Chin Chin): 3rd at 1m20 Cyclus Meerdonk