Skippy II, Chin Chin, Cardento & Canadian River
Skippy II, Chin Chin, Cardento & Canadian River
2013-06-10 16:30:14
Big Star won GP of Aachen 2013
Big Star won GP of Aachen 2013
2013-07-01 10:32:03
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2 Skippy II products in top 10 of GP at CSIO 5*-W

Cylana - nr.1 at ROLEX/USEF-Ranking

2 Skippy II products in top 10 of GP at CSIO 5*-W Spruce Meadows and a lot more results of the past weekend.

CSIO 5*-W Spruce Meadows:
Cylana (SKIPPY II): 2nd in the $200,000 Grand Prix -World Cup Qualifier (1m60)
Baronez (SKIPPY II): 6th in the same GP (1m60)
Cylana was earlier this weekend also 10th in the $33,000 Talisman Energy Cup (1m50) in which  
Dynamo (SKIPPY II) was 12th
Check Picobello Z (a 7-y.o. CARDENTO)won the ATCO I-Tek Jumper (1m35) and was also 9th at 1m35
Glory Days (CARDENTO): 3rd in the $60,000 Great-West Life Cup (1m50)
Sancha LS La Silla (CHIN CHIN): 4th in the $35,000 Husky Energy Classic (1m50)
Amadora (CHIN CHIN): 5th in the $33,000 Alta Gas Cup (1m45)
Ans also:
Uno Kingston (ATHLET Z)won the ATCO I-Tek Junior/Amateur Jumper (1m30) and 
Wieminka (CARDENTO) became 7th in the same competition (1m30) and was also 5th at 1m30
Athina Z (ATLANTIC): 10th (1m25)
Classic Lady (CARDENTO): 5th  (1m40)
CSI 5*-GCT Cannes:
VDL Groep Eureka (CHIN CHIN): 2nd (1m45)
Nice Stephanie (CARDENTO): 8th (1m45)
CSI 2*-W Copa Sao Paulo:
Vanity Império Egipcio (CANADIAN RIVER): 7th in Qualifier (1m50) and 2nd in GP - World Cup Qualifier (1m60)
CSIO 3* Sopot:
Bybalia SMH (CARDENTO): 9th & 10th in CSI-YH1* 6/7-y.o. & 6th in "Final 7 y.o."
Celestine (CARDENTO): 9th (1m45) and also Matrix (CARDENTO) was without faults.
CSI 2* Vlamertinge:
Gondor vd Oude Eik (CARDENTO) with Yves Vanderhasselt: 11th at CSI-YH1* 6/7-y.o.
Coco Chanel (ATHLET Z) with Ellen Celis: 10th - 1m25
Daliena B (CHIN CHIN) with Axelle Van Outryve d'Yde: 9th - 1m25
First Choice (CARDENTO) with Magali Maes: 4th in VIP Tour Class 1m/1m20
Eros v/h Groenhof (SKIPPY II) with Maxine Delanghe: 6th in VIP Tour
Chine Samuel PH Z (CHIN CHIN) with Reina Acuna: 8th in VIP Tour
Carat (CARDENTO) won with Robert Vos the Small GP (1m40) and became also 3rd in last competition (1m40)
Fighting Bravour vd Basquita (SKIPPY II) was with Jan Vandoorne 10th in the S-GP (1m40)
Etoile-Chin van Seven Oaks (CHIN CHIN) with Geoffrey Cobbaut: 4th in Puissance (starting at 1m70)
Escape (CHIN CHIN) was with Lieven Devos 10th in the GP (1m45)
CSI 2* Asten:
Beaublesse (7-jarige CARDENTO): 2nd, 3rd & 4th at 1m10
Carte Blanche (CHIN CHIN): 3rd at 1m10
Cooper Gt (6-jarige CARDENTO): 1st, 2nd & 3rd at 1m10
Bamira M (CHIN CHIN): 4th (1m35)
Bowmore VDL (CHIN CHIN): 8th CSI-YH1* 7-y.o. (1m35)
Caramelle KLT (CARDENTO): 5th (1m35)
CSI 2* Sommerstorf:
Woman (CHIN CHIN): 2 x 6th & 10th at 1m40
Care of Love (CARDENTO): 6th in "Final Youngster Tour" (1m40/1m45)
CSI 2* Roeser:
Fatal Attraction V (CHIN CHIN) won the "Prix Baloise Assurances" (1m35) and was also 4th in the "Prix Cimalux" (1m40)
Viking (CHIN CHIN): 7th - 1m25 & 9th - 1m30
Carrento Ztar (CARDENTO): 11th in GP (1m45) 


Conrad d'Esquelmes Z (CANADIAN RIVER) won with Martin Dopazo, the Grand Prix "Equestrian Federation Argentinië" (1m50)


Föreningen Gestrike Sportryttare:

  Ventura of Canadian (CANADIAN RIVER)won with Malin Hillgren at 1m20 and was 5th at 1m30