Certified insemination centre

Keros has an impressive range of stallions available from all European studbooks.  For more information, please consult our extensive stud catalogue online

Thanks to our central location, we have refrigerated semen from a large number of stallions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany available.  Semen is collected in the morning and arrives in our AI centre in the afternoon on a 24/7 basis (including Saturdays and Sundays) from February till the end of September.

Our modern laboratory is certified by the European authorities (NW90/22 BN98/09). We have a team of experienced veterinary surgeons at your disposal for coaching problem mares, insemination with frozen semen, deep intra-uterine insemination.

For more information concerning the coaching and the insemination of your mares with fresh or frozen semen, please contact one of our collaborators without engagement.


Fee Schedule 2023 (exclusive 21% VAT)

Ultrasound examination and Insemination

Insemination with fresh semen: € 50 per cycle

Isemination with fresh semen of client : € 75 per cycle 

Insemination with frozen semen purchased from KEROS: € 100 per cycle

Insemination with frozen semen provided by client: € 125 per cycle

Sex determination at 120 days: €50 

These fees include the ultrasound examinations needed for follow-up and insemination throughout one heat cycle. Additional treatments (including but not limited to hormones and uterine treatments) are not included and are billed separately. All transport costs of semen will be charged to the customer.


Stabling fee

Barren Mare (without foal at side): € 12,5  / day

Nursing Mare (with foal at side): € 15 / day


Embryo Transfer

Embryo flushing € 125 / flush

Lease of a pregnant recipient mare: € 3200 

Leasing fee is due at 45 days of pregnancy and includes embryo transplantation and board of the pregnant recipient mare until 45 days pregnancy (age of the embryo).

Board of the pregnant recipient mare past 50 days of pregnancy
KEROS has a strict policy that pregnant recipient mares must leave the ET center at 50 days pregnancy. The daily board beyond 50 days pregnancy is of €12,5/day. After 50 days pregnancy, the client carries all risks for the health of the mare and foal/pregnancy. The client is advised to take out an insurance to cover these risks. The client can insure the recipient mare and her pregnancy (Keros will provide the necessary certificates free of charge).


Adoption procedure and location adoption mare € 1800

Boarding fee foal € 25 / day