Birth coaching of a bearing mare

If you lack the time or the experience for monitoring your heavily pregnant mare night and day, you can rely on Keros for an intensive care and a professional assistance during the birth of your foal. The heavily pregnant mare remains continuously monitored thanks to the ‘foal alert system’. Keros has experienced staff available day and night to follow up the mare and to assist at birth if necessary.

The newborn foal is examined by an experienced vet. With a view to guarantee the good health of the growing foal, the presence of sufficient antibodies in the foal’s blood is checked 24 hours after birth (the so-called passive immunity transmitted from mare to foal through the beestings). In case the antibody titres of the foal appear to be too low, hyperimmune plasma may be administered to the foal as an additional protection against contagious diseases.


Tarifs (exclusive 21 % VAT)

Birth coaching: € 325

Boarding Charges
Barren Mare (without foal at side): € 9 / day
Nursing Mare (with foal at side): € 11 / day

Birth coaching includes monitoring, veterinary treatments during the normal vaginal birth, examination of the newborn foal and check on antibodies in its blood around 24 hours after birth. Not included: medicines administered to mare and foal and additional veterinary operations.