Big Star won GP of Aachen 2013
Big Star won GP of Aachen 2013
2013-07-01 10:32:03
Some new results
Some new results
2013-08-12 18:32:45
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The winners of the weekend

Fin Chin van 't Gelutt (GP - 1m45), Fento Chin S (1m35), Ventura of Canadian (1m30), Carat (1m40), Barbarella (1m35), Benibantos (1m25), Boston VDL (1m30), Caveman of Two Notes Z (5-y.o.), ...

CSI 5*-GCT Chantilly:

Celonika (CHIN CHIN): 9th & 11th at the 6 y.o. (1m30)
Bamira M (CHIN CHIN): 7th at the 7 y.o. (1m40)
Uchingo d’Esquelmes (CHIN CHIN): 9th at 1m50 

CSI 2* Zuidwolden:

Boston VDL (CHIN CHIN): 1st in Youngster Tour (1m25 / 1m30)
Benibantos (CARDENTO): won the Final of the Small Tour (1m25) and was also 9th the day before.
Bardolino (CARDENTO): 10th in Youngster Tour (1m25 / 1m30)
Barbarella (CARDENTO) won the Final of the Youngster Tour for 6/7 y.o. (1m30 / 1m35)
Barolino (CARDENTO) was 8th in same Final.
Carat (CARDENTO) won the Medium Tour (1m30)

CSI 3* Munster:

Candy Boy (a 7 y.o. CHIN CHIN): 2nd in Finale EDSOR Youngster Cup (1m40 / 1m45)
Chasmo (CHIN CHIN): 7th in Finale Mittlere Tour (1m50)

Näsets Ruttarsällskap (Sweden)

Ventura of Canadian (CANADIAN RIVER) won at 1m30

CSI 2* Hoofddorp:

Fento Chin S (CHIN CHIN): won the 1m35 and was also 10th in the opening competition (1m35)

GOLD-League te Loenhout:

Fin Chin van 't Gelutt (CHIN CHIN) won with Philippe Vandoorne the GP (1m45) 

Fox Chin vh Gevahof (CHIN CHIN) was 10th at 1m35.

l'International de Bromont (Canada):

Candidate du Marquet (CANADIAN RIVER): 8th in the GP (1m40)

And the week before she was 3rd in the GP of Blainville - 1m40.

Z-festival 2013:

Chinlora Heldenlaan Z (CHIN CHIN) 5th in Final Ranking of the 6 y.o. horses.
Patrick Spits won a competition for 5-y.o. with Caveman of two notes Z (Cardento x Corland).
Caveman of Two Notes Z (CARDENTO): 11th in Final Ranking of the 5 y.o. horses.

HITS Saugerties:

VDL Dogan (CHIN CHIN) 4th in the $50,000 Horze-Equestrian Grand Prix